How Double Glazing Works

Standard glazing consists of a single pane of glass in a window frame, offering only a single layer of elemental protection from the glass in the frame, more effectively insulating the interior of your home against the elements requires high quality Double Glazing units.  Your optimal solution requires the right spacer, right gap between the two panes and the right glass selections. 

Double Glazing is designed to keep you home Warmer in winter, cooler in summer, drier and quieter all year round.

Why Double Glaze?

Double Glazing keeps your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer, it also reduces outside noise, protects your home from UV rays eg. Carpets, furniture and drapes, it also increases the security. Through years of experience, NZDG has developed different double glazing solutions which target specific benefits.  Since double glazing can be configured with any two types of glass, we’re able to create personalized solutions that deliver the most benefit to your home’s unique needs. We work to find out your optimum double glazing solution, and upgrade the home you love.

Aluminium Joinery

Do you replace the entire frame in existing aluminium windows?

In 90% of homes there is no need to replace the entire frame, as we have specific solutions to install genuine double glazing units into your existing frames.  If the joinery is not suitable because of its age we will then replace the entire frames.

Can you match the color of my joinery?

We have colour samples to match with the original color of your joinery.  In most homes the joinery has faded due to weather and age so we match it from the inside of the window frames.

Do you replace window stays, handles and install security stays?

Yes, all windows stays and handles are replaced.  Stainless security stays are replaced upon request.

Can you change the configuration of my windows?

As a rule we can’t change what you already have, however there are some windows we can take part of the Aluminum out and increase the size of either an opening or fixed window.

How long does it take to double glaze my house?

This varies on the size of the house.  We typically install a 4 bedroom home in about 3 days, then usually another day will be required for any finishing touches needed.  

Timber Joinery

Can we double glaze our timber joinery?

Yes, we will remove your sashes and use our specifically designed machines to modify the sashes, in order to install our double glazing units that are fit for your requirements.

Do you paint the existing frames?

No, we don’t paint the frames however we will arrange a painter for you upon request.  We do use an undercoat sealer on bare timber. Any touch up paint work on the home is done with an undercoat sealer as well. Any defects on the sashes are not the responsibility of NZDG. Please keep in mind we are using your existing windows and not replacing with new windows.

How do I eliminate drafts through my windows?

We have an option of weather sealing for all opening windows, on some occasions when the opening window is not used we will fix and seal the window shut. 

What if my window frames are rotten?

We can replace rotten sashes with new ones.  However in some cases we cannot tell if they are rotten until the sashes are removed, we will then discuss with you which options are available to you and the cost before we proceed.

What happens with damage caused by removing my window sashes?

There is always a little fixup that needs to be done when the windows are removed, we fix any damage then undercoat it, the top coat is the responsibility of the home owner.  We can arrange a painter upon request if needed.

Other questions

What do you do if my windows are high and out of reach?

Our company has a cherry picker and some scaffolding which we offer to our customers at no extra cost.  If extra scaffolding is required, we will get a quote and let our customer know before proceeding.

How much difference does Double Glazing actually make?

There are several benefits that provide a substantial difference to the environment inside your house.  With our ultra-range we can tailor make the units to suit your needs.  Double glazing with our ultra-range will retain 80% of the heat, reduce condensation to almost none, stop UV fading of furnishings, reduce up to 60% of noise and make your home a lot more secure.

Are there different levels of Double Glazing?

Yes, not all Double Glazing is created equal.  NZDG prides itself on using the best technology in glass and spacers to give our customers the best performance available.  Our Ultra-Low E products will provide 81% heat retention with no haze to give the ultimate clarity.  Our spacer technology is called “warm edge” which means it has no thermal transfer through the spacer.  Feel free to ask our consultant to explain more about the different options for your home. Get the ultimate for you home.