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What is Low E and is it worth using.

Low-emissivity glass, also called low-e glass, is glass that has been coated with a special layer that lets daylight into the home and reduces the amount of heat that can escape back out through the window. This significantly reduces heat transfer and redirects interior heat around the inside of the home instead of letting it dissipate. Replacing non low-e glass with low-e coated glass can cut your home’s energy usage in half and cut the amount of heat lost through windows by up to 75 percent....

April 29, 2022

Don't be cold this winter

Everyone knows that winter causes a lot of damage to our home through dampness. I.E Condensation, not to mention the damp cold going right through you and making it hard to stay warm. Moisture in your home causes many issue's, with mold, breathing problems, damage to curtains and carpets, rotting window sills, leaking and so on. All theses issues are preventable with good quality double glazing. Every home needs 3 qualities to be efficient and effective against the environment. Heating, ventilat...

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